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Minshuku Ohara Sanso
Minshuku Ohara Sanso
This hot spring is slightly alkaline and is kind to the skin. There are rock and cypress baths which are rotated between men and women in the morning and evening, as well as a private bath.
How to get there?
From Kyoto Station (JR Tokaido Line) Karasuma Central Exit: Take the Kyoto Bus Route 17 bound for Yase Ohara and get off at the last stop, Ohara Bus Station (about 60 minutes). It takes about 15 minutes on foot, or 5 minutes by taxi from there.
By car: Exit the Meishin Expressway at Kyoto-higashi IC and continue along National Route 367 for about 50 minutes (18 km), then Prefectural Routes 40 and 108 for about 5 minutes (2 km). Head towards Jakko-in Temple.