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Belnatio means beautiful homeland in Italian. The hotel is set amongst vast spanning nature and offers various activities as well as a relaxing onsen.
How to get there?
From Echigo-Yuzawa Station on the JR Joetsu Shinkansen: Exit the station via the East Exit. The hotel is about 50 minutes from the station by taxi.

There is a Belnatio shuttle bus running from Echigo-Yuzawa and Tokamachi stations.
*The shuttle bus times will change to match JR time changes.

*Guests that will use the shuttle bus must make a reservation by 17:00 the day before their arrival.
*Please note that, if there are no reservations, the bus will be suspended for the day.
*The required bus time may change depending on road and weather conditions.
Ryokan Chitose
This traditional Japanese inn sits in a hot spring village surrounded by a countryside that stretches across a quintessentially Japanese landscape. The village is home to the Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale, one of the largest art festivals in the world, held every three years. Guests can look forward to relaxing in one of Japan's top three medicinal hot springs, which is drawn from a 10-million-year-old fossil sea water hot spring source.
How to get there?
From Matsudai Station (Hokuetsu Express Hokuhoku Line): Take a bus to Matsunoyama Onsen (about 20 min). It is about 2 min on foot from there.
By car: Exit the Kan-etsu Expressway at Shiozawa-Ishiuchi IC and continue along Route 353 for about 35 km (about 40 min).
Kiyotsukyo Onsen Irori to Hotaru no Yado Setoguchi
This wooden lodging in the countryside features a warm place by the hearth where guests can enjoy local dishes along with freshly cooked Koshihikari variety rice. Parking slots for 30 vehicles are available for use free of charge, no reservation necessary.
How to get there?
From Echigo-Yuzawa Station: about 40 min by bus.
By car: Exit the Kan-etsu Expressway at Shiozawa-Ishiuchi IC and continue along Route 353 for about 25 min.
Ryounkaku(Japannese-style Inn)
A 3-story wooden inn, making use of traditional and culturally important architecture, this inn prides itself on its splendid local cuisine, serving up dishes made from fresh mountain vegetables amongst other delicacies. Guests can relax and heal their weary bodies in the waters of its ancient hot spring - which has been flowing for some 1,200 years.
How to get there?
From JR Echigo-Yuzawa Station (Joetsu Shinkansen): Board the Hokuhoku Line to Matsudai Station. The inn operates a pick-up bus (see below) from Matsudai Station to the inn. Please contact the inn beforehand to make use of this service.
By car: From Shiozawa Ishiuchi IC, go via Route 353 and continue for approximately 60 minutes.

Shuttle Service Available
Matsudai Station ⇔ Hotel
*Shuttle will arrive at the station in time for guest train arrival.
*Return shuttles from the hotel depart at 9:30 and 10:30. (Please contact the hotel if you would like to depart earlier than 9:30)

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