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Maiko Kogen Hotel
This hotel is just 1 kilometer from Shiozawa-Ishiuchi Interchange on the Kan-etsu Expressway, providing guests traveling by car with great access. Guests can utilize this hotel as a base for outdoor and leisure activities, and return for a relaxing soak in Maiko Onsen hot springs.
How to get there?
From Echigo-Yuzawa Station (JR Joetsu Shinkansen), East Exit: Take a No. 2 route bus to the hotel bus stop (about 30 min). Immediate access from there.
By car: About 1 km (about 2 min) from Kan-etsu Expressway Shiozawa-Ishiuchi IC.
Hotel Kinomezaka
A stylish hotel standing on the quiet base of the mountain. From the guestroom open-air bath, a spectacular panoramic view of the three majestic mountains of Echigo can be seen. Savor delicious meals featuring local ingredients, and look forward to heartfelt service.
How to get there?
From Echigo-Yuzawa Station (JR Joetsu Shinkansen): Take the JR Joetsu Line bound for Nagaoka and get off at Muikamachi Station (approx. 15 min). About 10 min on foot or 5 min by taxi from the West Exit.
By car: Exit the Kan-etsu Expressway at Muikamachi IC and continue on National Route 253, then Prefectural Route 124 (Yokawa-Shiozawa Line) for about 4 min (1 km). Look for the Yukiguni Maitake Headquarters building and Muikamachi Middle School.
Ryugon (Formerly: Onsen Onjuku Ryugon)
Magnificent wooden houses are used for this hotel. Enjoy the traditional atmosphere. (Please note that taxes for the hot spring facilities and accommodation charges are settled separately in cash in Japanese yen (JPY). Other currencies and payments by credit card are not accepted.)
How to get there?
From Muikamachi Station (JR Joetsu Line), East Exit: About 20 min on foot or 5 min by taxi.
Hotel Green Plaza Joetsu
This hotel is modeled after a European resort hotel and is surrounded by rich natural scenery. The surroundings provide fun throughout the seasons, including skiing in the winter, as well as amusement parks, hiking, and enjoying the changing leaves between spring and autumn.
How to get there?
From Echigo-Yuzawa Station (JR Joetsu Shinkansen), East Exit: About 25 min by taxi.
Hotel Sakadojo
The Japanese-style inn on the foot of Mt. Sakado is associated with Kenshin Uesugi (a warrior 1530-1578). We offer you Uonuma's seasonal dishes and warm hospitality in the modern facilities such as the large communal bath and banquet rooms, and relaxing guest rooms. Experiencing Japanese countryside activities are also an attractive feature of our inn.
How to get there?
From Joetsu Shinkansen Line Echigo-Yuzawa Station: 20 mins by Joetsu Line/Hokuhoku Line bound for Muikamachi, From Muikamachi Station East Exit: 15 mins on foot or 5 mins by taxi

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