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Bay Resort Hotel Shodoshima
Bay Resort Hotel Shodoshima
This resort hotel has the perfect location, offering fantastic views of the Seto Inland Sea. The cuisine makes use of the abundant local seafood. The hotel is complete with a wide range of facilities including hot spring spas on the top floor, 5 reservable private baths, an aesthetic / massage salon, and a color yukata (casual summer kimono) corner.
How to get there?
From Fukuda Port (Shodoshima Ferry): About 30 minutes by taxi.
Petit Hotel Southernmost
Petit Hotel Southernmost
At this little hotel surrounded by olive tree plantations, guests can look forward to enjoying the breathtaking view of the sea and marvelous natural scenery.
How to get there?
[By Car]
From Kusakabe Port: 7 min.
From Ikeda Port: 10 min.
From Tonosho Port: 20 min.
From Sakate Port: 20 min.
From Fukuda Port: 35 min.

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