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Yukai Resort: Miyoshiya
Yukai Resort: Miyoshiya
Overlooking the beautiful hot spring town of Yumura Onsen, this inn offers guests the chance to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and relax in the tranquil atmosphere of a mountain village.
How to get there?
From Yonago Airport: About 2 hr 31 min by car.
From Hamasaka Station (JR Sanin Main Line): About 30 min by local bus.
Yumura Onsen has its own natural spring water source and it gushes out the highest temperature spring water in Japan. Guests can enjoy ample spring-fed water supply in the large open-air bath and picturesque seasonal views.
Wi-Fi router rental is available for free at the hotel front desk (Quantity limited. 2 available.)
How to get there?
From Hamasaka Station (JR San-in Line): Take a bus bound for Yumura Onsen to the Yumura Onsen bus stop (20 min) and it is 1 min on foot from there.
Listed in 2016 Michelin Guide & Recipient of TripAdvisor 2017 Certificate of Excellence
This modern hot spring lodging, which reopened in 2013 after renovations, is located in the Yumura Onsen area, an area for hot springs said to have beautifying effects on the skin. Features a total of 36 rooms.
There is free rental of colored yukata for female guests (first come, first serve), and guests can enjoy tea carefully selected by the tea coordinator in their guestroom or the after bath relaxation area.

For dinner there are a number of meal plans including those that include Tajima beef steak (a local brand of beef) and the winter only Matsuba crab full course meal plan, which features one of Japan’s prized brands of crab.
And for breakfast, the warm, local cuisine - which includes basket-steamed dishes with an abundance of vegetables supplied from contract farms - is quite popular.

[Yumura Onsen]
This is a historic therapeutic hot spring that was opened in the Heian period, and the 98℃ Arayu hot spring source is known as the hottest in Japan.
The quality of the hot spring water is excellent, almost syrupy, and gentle on the skin.

Tottori Sand Dunes - 40 minutes by car
Takeda Castle Ruins - 75 minutes by car
Kinosaki Onsen - 60 minutes by car
Summer: Multiple swimming areas within a 15-minute drive
Winter: Located within a 15-minute drive of a ski area
How to get there?
From Hamasaka Station (JR Sanin Main Line): Take the bus bound for Yumura-Onsen and get off at Yakushido Bus Stop (approx. 25 min). Immediate access from there.
By Car: Exit the Kitakinki Toyooka Expressway at Yoka-Hyonosen IC and continue along Route 9 for about 40 km (approx. 45 min).

From Umeda (Osaka) & Sannomiya (Kobe): 3-3.5 hrs via Zentan Bus (2-3 buses/day).
From Umeda (Osaka) & Kobe: 2.5-3 hrs by car.
Kasenkyo Izutsuya
Kasenkyo Izutsuya
Standing on a hill offering a panoramic view of the Yumura Onsen hot spring resort. Choose your style of relaxation in the large stone bath, an open-air bath or a cypress wooden bath with a great views.
How to get there?
From Hamasaka Station (JR Sanin Main Line): Take a Hamasaka-Yumura route bus bound for Yumura Onsen to the Yumura Onsen bus stop (about 25 min). It is about 2 min on foot from there.