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Tojinbo Onsen Mikuni Kanko Hotel
This hotel's lofty location gives it a commanding view of the Japanese Sea. Watching the glow of the setting sun from a room here is worthy of special mention. Guests also rave about the traditional kaiseki cuisine, prepared with fresh seafood.
How to get there?
By Car: About 20 min from Hokuriku Expressway Kanazu IC.
[From Komatsu Airport]
- Take the bus to JR Komatsu Station, then a train to JR Awaraonsen Station.
- About 1 hr by car.
[By Train]
- From Osaka area: about 4 hr via limited express.
- From Nagoya area: about 2 hr 10 min via limited express.
- From Tokyo area: about 3 hr 40 min via Hokuriku Shinkansen.
[From JR Awaraonsen Station]
- By bus: Take a Keifuku Tojinbo route bus bound for Mikuni to the Mikuni Kanko Hotel-mae bus stop.
- By taxi: 15 min.
Kyukamura Echizen-Mikuni
This seaside resort hotel is located in Echizen-Kaga Kaigan Quasi-National Park, on the green hills of the Tojinbo Cliffs facing the nearby sea. Guests can visit this famous tourist spot with a 5-minute drive from the hotel.
How to get there?
[From Komatsu Airport]
- Approx. 45 min by car.
- Approx. 12 min to JR Komatsu Station by shuttle bus.
From JR Komatsu Station: Approx. 20 min to JR Awaraonsen Station via limited express train (about 45 min via local train).

[By Train]
From Tokyo Station: Approx. 150 min by Hokuriku Shinkansen to Kanazawa Station, approx. 30 min. by limited express train from Kanazawa Station to Awaraonsen Station.
From Osaka Station: Approx. 125 min to Awaraonsen Station.
From Nagoya Station: Approx. 170 min to Awaraonsen Station.

[From JR Awaraonsen Station]
- At bus stop no. 2, take the Keifuku bus bound for Tojinbo/Mikuni Station via Echizen Matsushima Suizokukan (aquarium) and alight at the Kyukamura Echizen-Mikuni bus stop (approx. 30 min). *The bus stop is in front of the hotel.

[By Car]
Exit the Hokuriku Expressway at the Kanazu IC and continue for approx. 30 min. Landmark: Tojinbo signboard.
Centurion Hotel Resort & Spa Technoport Fukui
Located near Mikuni Harbor, known for the Tojinbo cliffs and Echizen crab, this hotel is surrounded by verdant lawns and pine forest. Guests can look forward to breathtaking views of the sun sinking into the Japan Sea.
How to get there?
From Awaraonsen Station (JR Hokuriku Main Line): About 20 minutes by taxi.

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