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Kurobe Kanko Hotel
Kurobe Kanko Hotel
Kurobe Kanko Hotel is conveniently located for sightseeing:
- From JR Shinano-Omachi Station: 15 minutes by route bus
- From Hakuba Goryu and Kashimayari ski resorts: 30 minutes by car
- From JR Nagano Station: 60 minutes by car
- From Zenko-ji Temple: 80 minutes by car
- From Togoshi Kid's Ninja Village: 120 minutes by car

The Japanese-style guest rooms feature tatami flooring, and come complete with air-conditioning, futon bedding, a flat TV, and a private toilet. Private baths are not equipped, but guests of this hotel can enjoy access to the relaxing large communal bath, open-air bath and sauna.

Dinner, and a breakfast buffet featuring local dishes can be offered every day. Guests staying up late can also enjoy use of the karaoke bar and ramen stand.
How to get there?
From Shinano-Omachi Station (JR Oito Line): Take a bus bound for Ogizawa and alight at the Omachi Onsen bus stop (about 15 minutes). It is about 2 minutes on foot from there.
Kurobe View Hotel
Kurobe View Hotel
Featuring open-air baths and a high ceiling elegant lobby, the impressive Kurobe View Hotel offers more. Guests can look forward to spacious rooms, free Wi-Fi connection at the lobby, and free parking spaces.

Guestrooms are colored in natural hues, and equipped with flat-screen TVs, refrigerators, private bathrooms, low tables and floor cushions, and futon beddings.

In-room massage service available at an additional charge. There is also a karaoke room for guests' enjoyment. For those looking for souvenirs, there is a gift shop as well.

For bookings including dinner, enjoy a traditional Japanese kaiseki cuisine in the guestroom. A breakfast meal prepared with local ingredients is also served.

The hotel is 20 minutes by bus from JR Shinano-Omachi Station to the Omachi Onsenkyo bus stop. From the bus stop, there is a free shuttle bus that runs to the hotel (reservation required at the time of booking). The Kurobe Dam and the Reisho-ji Temple are within a 20-minute drive from the hotel.
How to get there?
From Shinano-Omachi Station (JR Oito Line): Take a bus bound for Ogisawa to the Omachi Onsenkyo bus stop (approx. 15 min). It is about 8 min on foot from there.
This quiet inn with hot springs sits along a valley in the heart of the magnificent Northern Alps. This place is enveloped in ever-changing nature, and the autumn leaves are exceptionally beautiful, even dazzling.
How to get there?
From JR Shinano-Omachi Station (JR Oito Line): About 20 minutes by taxi.
By car: Exit the Nagano Expressway at Azumino IC and continue along Prefectural Route Kita-Alps Panorama Road (Prefectural Route 306) for about 30 minutes, then Prefectural Route 326 for about 20 minutes (12 km). Head towards Nanakura Dam and Takase Dam.
Omachi Onsen Hotel Kanoya
Omachi Onsen Hotel Kanoya
Situated 15 minutes via free shuttle bus from Shinano-Omachi Station, Kanoya is a hot spring inn that exudes a unique atmosphere with its distinct antique furniture. It has spacious guestrooms with private bathrooms, and has indoor and outdoor baths as well. Look out over the terrace for a scenic view of a Japanese garden, or have some fun at the karaoke room.

Guestrooms feature tatami mat floors, futon bedding, TV, refrigerator, and air conditioning. Yukata and tea are also provided.

After a relaxing bath, feel free to enjoy some drinks at the bar. The hotel also has a teahouse, souvenir shop and free parking lot.

Savor a traditional Japanese-style meal for breakfast. For dinner, enjoy a kaiseki cuisine meal featuring autumn matsutake mushrooms and other seasonal ingredients of the region.

The Kurobe Dam is a 25-minute drive from the hotel. A 20-minute drive takes guests to the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, where they can proceed to ride a cable car and have a fantastic time enjoying the company of nature and marveling at the majestic scenery.
How to get there?
From Shinshu Matsumoto Airport: About 25 minutes by bus at around JPY 540 (as of June 2010).
From Shinano-Omachi Station (Oito Line): About 15 minutes by taxi at around JPY 2,500 (as of June 2010). Alternatively, take a bus bound for Ogizawa and get off at the Omachi Onsenkyo bus stop. It is 7 minutes on foot from there.
By car: Exit the Nagano Expressway at Toyoshina IC and continue along the prefectural route. Drive along the Northern Alps Panorama Road for about 30 minutes. Follow the hotel signboard.
Tateyama Prince Hotel
Tateyama Prince Hotel
A quiet ryokan (Japanese-style hotel) located in woods at the foot of North Alps. Relax and enjoy in a large bath and an open-air bath. The ryokan has karaoke rooms and a large restaurant that can seat 240 guests.
How to get there?
From Shinano-Omachi Station (JR Oito Line): Take an Omachi Ogisawa route bus bound for Ogisawa and get off at the Omachi-Onsenkyo bus stop (approx. 17 min). It is about 6 min on foot from there.
Ryokusuitei Keisui
Ryokusuitei Keisui
This ryokan (Japanese-style hotel) has three buildings and seven different baths, located in Shinshu-Omachi Onsen hot spring resort. Enjoy their private open-air bath.
How to get there?
From Shinano-Omachi Station (JR Oito Line): Take a Ogisawa route bus bound for Ogisawa to the Omachi-Onsenkyo bus stop (about 15 min). It is about 8 min on foot or about 2 min by taxi from there.

[Nearby Ski Resorts]
Kashimayari Sports Village - 20 min by car
Jiigatake Ski Resort - 10 min by car
Hakubagoryu Ski Area & Hakuba 47 Mountain Sports Park - 30 min by car
Hakuba Happoone Winter Resort - 40 min by car
Hakuba Iwatake Snow Field - 45 min by car
Tsugaike Kogen - 50 min by car
*Please check the operating hours of the facilities on your own.
Hotel Karamatsuso
Hotel Karamatsuso
Standing on the quiet highlands is Hotel Karamatsuso, surrounded by rich greenery and breathtaking nature.

Guestrooms feature wide windows, so guests can enjoy the natural light and gaze out at the mountains. Futon bedding, TV, refrigerator, electric kettle (includes green tea bag), low table and cushions are provided in the room.

Look forward to a relaxing time, whether it be soaking in hot springs or having a massage. Take a moment to admire the artworks at the gallery lounge, then sit back and enjoy looking at the scenic Japanese garden. Drop by the souvenir shop for some goodies. Luggage may be stored at the front desk area.

Savor carefully prepared cuisine made with fresh, local vegetables, and watch as the chef prepares tempura right before your eyes.

The hotel is a 15-minute drive from the JR Shinano-Omachi Station. Guests may also take a route bus and get off at the Omachi Onsenkyo bus stop, from where the hotel is a 7-minute walk. A pick-up service is available at the bus stop. The Kurobe Dam is a 20-minute drive, while the Jigatake (G-Gatake) Snow Resort is a 10-minute drive from the hotel.
How to get there?
From Matsumoto Station: Take the JR Oito Line to Shinano-Omachi Station. It is about 15 minutes by bus/taxi from there.

Shuttle Service
Omachi Onsenkyo ⇔ Hotel
**No prior reservation required. Call the hotel upon arrival to request pick up. Please go to the hotel front desk for the return shuttle service.