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Ada Garden Hotel Okinawa
Ada Garden Hotel Okinawa
Kunigami, Okinawa Main island
Stay at this hotel and soak in the great nature of Okinawa. The hotel offers various activity programs, including woods trekking and island snorkeling, to experience the Okinawan nature. Guests can also look forward to a starry sky in the fine evening.
How to get there?
From Naha Airport: Take the No. 111 Highway Bus and get off at the Nago Bus Terminal (120 min). Transfer to the No. 67 bus (Hentona Route) and get off at the Hentona Bus Terminal (60 min). Then board the local bus bound for Aha and get off at the Yasuda (30 min). The hotel is about 35 min on foot or 10 min by taxi from there.
Okuma Private Beach & Resort
Okuma Private Beach & Resort
Kunigami, Okinawa Main island
Located in a natural area in the north of Okinawa's main island known as "Yanbaru."
An exotic cottage type resort hotel that allows guests to experience the ocean and nature of Okinawa.
A resort stay just for you awaits.

Recommended points!
1. Cottage style guestrooms
2. Natural beach usable for marine activities as well
3. Large communal bath (Use as many times as you like during the stay)
4. Japanese/Western style breakfast buffet served with plenty of Okinawa vegetables.

Hotel Hospitality:
- Breakfast ticket can be changed to a lunch ticket or a JPY 1,000 shop gift card.
- Free use of the fine view bath (large communal bath and sauna)
- Free beach parasol, chair, and towel rental.
- Free baby crib and stroller rental (cribs available for infants under 1 year of age. (Quantities limited)
Please contact the hotel directly.
How to get there?
From Naha Airport: Take a bus bound for Hentona to the Okuma Beach Iriguchi bus stop (2h 30 min), and it is 2 min by car from there.
By car: 30 km from Okinawa Expressway Kyoda IC.
Yambaru Discovery Forest
Yambaru Discovery Forest
Kunigami, Okinawa Main island
Located in the "miracle forest" of Yambaru, guests can enjoy panoramic views of the beautiful scenery from the balconies of their rooms. The fragrant, wooden construction of the rooms matches the natural surroundings well, allowing guests to enjoy the atmosphere uninterrupted.

・Yambaru no Mori is home to peculiar wildlife that are typically not seen in the mainland.
・Look forward to joining tour programs for a range of activities such as bird watching, guided walks, night hiking, canoeing, etc. A guide will accompany participants to give information.
・Get up close with the vast nature of Okinawa at the Yambaru Manabi no Mori surrounded by the mountains.
・On site is a large communal bath and semi open-air Goemon-buro bath.