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Diamond Setouchi Marine Hotel
Diamond Setouchi Marine Hotel
Tamano, Okayama
Located in the Setonaikai National Park, guests can relax and renew their minds and bodies at the large public hot springs, indoor heated swimming pool, and sauna. This hotel also offers both Japanese- and Western-style restaurants, including a teppanyaki restaurant where dishes are served on heated iron plates. This hotel also has convenient access to Naoshima Island.
How to get there?
From Okayama Station (JR San'yo Main Line): take bus bound for Setouchi Marine Hotel (75 min) and it is less than 1 min on foot from the bus stop

For guests heading to Naoshima:
・From hotel bus stop to Uno Port: 20 min by bus (2 trips per hour from 6:10 to 21:30).
・From Uno Port to Naoshima Miyanoura Port: 20 min by ferry (1 trip per hour from 6:10 to 0:35).
*Please check the schedule on the English website of Setouchi Triennale.