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Located in Yugawa Onsen among untouched nature, this hotel is in a quiet location next to a murmuring river.
How to get there?
From Hottoyuda Station (JR Kitakami Line): About 10 min by taxi for a fare of about JPY 1,100 (as of July 2011).
From Hottoyuda Station (JR Kitakami Line): Take the bus bound for Yugawa Onsen and alight at 'Shikisainoyado Furusato-mae' bus stop. The hotel is less than 1 minute on foot from the bus stop.
From Hanamaki Airport/Akita Airport: About 60 minutes by taxi.
By car: Exit the Akita Expressway at Yuda IC and continue toward Yugawa Onsen for about 10 min, passing JR Hottoyuda Station.
Hotel Tairyukaku
This hotel is located along the mountain stream of the Waga River, and well known for the open-air bath giving you a panoramic view of the limpid stream in every season as well as the local foods growing on the mountain.

Hot Spring
Works on: cuts, peripheral circulatory failure, sensitivity to cold, depressive conditions, xeroderma
Hot spring type: sodium sulfate chloride springs

- Baths
Gender-rotated Mountain Stream Open-air Bath ‘Takimi-no-Yu’
This is a mountain stream open-air bath with waters flowing straight from the source, where guests can feel the dramatic seasonality of the Waga River as it feeds into Lake Kinshu. The waterfall the lodging’s name is derived from is flowing right in sight. The temperatures of the open-air bath’s shallow and standing baths vary slightly. The standing bath, with a depth of 1 meter, has a massage effect due to its water pressure.

Steam Bath ‘Yumuro’
This is a natural steam bath that uses the blessings of the 97℃ hot spring source in the ‘Takimi-no-Yu’ bath. It does not reach extremely high temperatures, so there is little strain on the body, and no strong stimulation. Your skin will be gently moisturized. By inhaling the steam that rises from the hot spring, nasal congestion and respiratory organs will be relieved, and the steam also helps with remedying colds and hay fever.

Private Mountain Stream Open-air Bath ‘Wagayu’
This is the private version of the specialty ‘Takimi-no-Yu’ bath where guests can have the mountain stream and waterfall all to themselves. The indoor and open-air baths all use water that flows straight from the source. Guests can enjoy their preference of a comfortably hot bath or a warm bath. It is JPY 2,500 (tax not included) for 45 minutes, and reservations are required.

Both the Hiryu-no-Yu (men) and Saiun-no-Yu (women) baths are equipped with an open-air bath, and use 100% pure hot spring water with no added water. The faucets in the washing area and showers also use pure hot spring water!
[Bath Hours] Until 24:00 / From 5:30

- Recommended Nearby Sightseeing
Yumoto Onsen Foot Bath: 1 minute on foot.
Sunayukko: About 5 minutes by car. There are discount coupons available for this specialty sand bath. Free shuttle service!
Lake Kinshu: About 10 minutes by car. The sight of fresh verdure and colored leaves reflected on the surface of the lake is definitely worthwhile!
- Recommended Sightseeing Requiring Travel
Chuson-ji Temple & Motsu-ji Temple (Hiraizumi): About 60 minutes by car.
Miyazawa Kenji Memorial Museum (Hanamaki): About 50 minutes by car.
How to get there?
By car: 10 min from Akita Expressway Yuda IC.
From Hottoyuda Station (JR Kitakami Line): 10 min by taxi.
This healing resort features a total of 12 guestrooms and hot springs with waters flowing straight from the source. Discover soothing comfort of the area that can't be found in the city. Enjoy creative cuisine prepared with gourmet local ingredients that let you experience the seasons.
How to get there?
From Kitakami Station (JR Tohoku Shinkansen): Take the JR Kitakami Line bound for Yokote to Hotto-Yuda Station (about 40 min). Take a bus bound for Yugawa Onsen to the Yamado-mae bus stop (about 10 min). It is less than 1 min on foot from there.
By car: Exit the Tohoku Expressway from Yuda IC and take Route 107 for about 7 km (about 15 min).

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