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Suigyoku-no-Yu Satorikan
Suigyoku-no-Yu Satorikan
Gosen, Niigata
This inn is situated along the great Agano River. Guests can look forward to soaking in the communal panoramic bath filled with natural hot spring water. The hotel can be accessed directly by river boat.
How to get there?
From Niigata Station (JR Jo-etsu Shinkansen): Take the JR Ban-etsu West Line to Sakihana Station. About 5 minutes on foot from there.
By car: Exit the Ban-etsu Expressway at Yasuda IC and continue along Route 49 for about 15 minutes (12 km).
Gosen, Niigata
This quiet hotel is surrounded by rivers and mountains, including the magnificent Agano River and popular hiking spot Mt. Sugana. Guests can enjoy a great view of natural beauty throughout the seasons from the large public baths and the open-air baths on the sixth floor.

Bath Information
Magical 3-color hot springs (Sakihana Onsen)
Sakihana Onsen is a mysterious hot spring due to its different colored waters which change depending on temperature and other factors.
This hotel is the only location in the prefecture to succeed in creating a bathing area with baths of 3 different colors all at the same time.
3 skin-beautifying effects:
Weak alkalinity, sulphurous spring water and sulphates are all available at this hotel's hot spring baths (3 of 4 skin-beautifying elements). Enjoy skin care salt packs as well!
100% Natural Spring Water
The large communal baths use 100% natural water as is from the source from spring to autumn, and the open-air baths use this water year-round.
How to get there?
From Sakihana Station on the JR Banetsusai Line: The hotel is about 1 minute from the station on foot.