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Royal Hotel Munakata
Royal Hotel Munakata
Munakata, Munakata
This resort hotel is surrounded by the gorgeous blue sea and verdant landscape of the Genkai area. Guests can enjoy relaxing in the soothing hot springs of Genkai Satsuki Onsen and dining on plentiful, fresh seafood.
Wi-Fi connection is available in the entire hotel and all guest rooms.
The nearest convenience store is 8 minutes on foot from the hotel.
How to get there?
- From Fukuoka Airport: About 60 min by car.
- From Hakata Station: Take a rapid service train on the JR Kagoshima Main Line to Togo Station (about 30 min), and it is about 20 min by taxi from there.
- The hotel provides a free shuttle bus from Hakata Station and Togo Station.
To use the free shuttle bus, a reservation is required by 18:00 the day prior.
- Hakata Station Chikushi Gate Rotary Dep.: 10:30, 13:30, 17:00
- Togo Station Munakata Taisha Gate Dep.: 11:25, 14:25, 17:55

[Recommended Historical Spots in Munakata]
- Munakata Taisha (Hetsumiya): about 10 min by car from the hotel. (The god of mariners and land traffic safety is enshrined here.)
- Miyajidake Shrine: about 20 min by car from the hotel. (People come here to pray for all sorts of success. Throughout the year, there are a number of events held and a range of flowers seen here. The setting sun can be seen through the torii gate at the end of the road to the shrine only twice a year.)
Chisun Inn Munakata
Chisun Inn Munakata
Munakata, Munakata
Economy and ecology, a comfortable space and refreshing night's sleep - the staff at this hotel are looking forward to helping guests have the best possible stay. Ideal for business and leisure. This hotel prides itself on its guest rooms' clean unit baths which are spacious enough for guests to stretch their legs and relax.
How to get there?
From Togo Station (JR Kagoshima Line): 6 min by taxi.
By car: Exit the Kyushu Expressway at Wakamiya IC and continue for about 20 min (8 km). Landmark: Mitsuoka intersection.