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Takinoue Hotel Keikoku
Takinoue Hotel Keikoku
Takinoue, Monbetsu
At this hotel, the valley stretches out below, and in the winter, guests can head to Kinsenkyo Gorge to see the icefall. Enjoy the seasonal beauty of the valley which was chosen as one of the top 500 beautiful paths in Japan that people want to traverse.
How to get there?
From Okhotsk Monbetsu Airport: About 50 min by taxi.
From JR Asahikawa Station: Take Dohoku Bus's Okhotsk-go Bus (Asahikawa/Monbetsu Line) bound for Monbetsu Terminal to Takinoue (about 90 min). Alternatively Take Dohoku Bus's Ryuhyo Monbetsu-go or Limited Express Okhotsk-go bus for about 90 min before arriving in Takinoue. Get off at the Takinoue bus stop, and it is 20 min on foot to the hotel.
By car: Exit the Asahikawa-Monbetsu Expressway from the Ukishima IC and take Route 273. (Landmark: When you see the Takinoue Roadside Station on the right, turn left, and it will be after you cross the bridge)