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Value The Hotel Yamoto
Value The Hotel Yamoto
Higashimatsushima, Matsushima
This hotel comes equipped with coin laundry machines, Wi-Fi, and other facilities. It also has a daily breakfast menu. It is recommended for mid to long-term staying guests who want to spend more time in Tohoku, such as those staying for rebuilding efforts.
Fisherman's Guest House Sakurasou
Fisherman's Guest House Sakurasou
(1 reviews)
Higashimatsushima, Matsushima
Located near Jomon Village in Oku-Matsushima, this quiet guest house faces the sea. Savor the authentic flavors of fresh ingredients used in the dishes at this fisherman's guest house.
How to get there?
From JR Nobiru Station: about 10 min by taxi.
Pick-up service subject to availability. Reservation required in advance.