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Sakaide Grand Hotel
Sakaide Grand Hotel
Located in Sakaide, a city straddled by the Seto Ohashi Bridge, just a 2-minute drive from Sakaidekita IC. This location features convenient access to Takamatsu and Kotohira. A free bathing ticket for the nearby ‘Iyashi no Sato Sarai’ natural hot springs is included. The popular breakfast is a Japanese/Western-style buffet handmade by the cooking staff! Wi-Fi is available in all guestrooms, and the hotel is equipped with a free parking lot for 200 vehicles.
[Perks for Staying Guests]
- Free ticket for a face towel at the ‘Iyashi no Sato Sarai’ hot spring facilities a 3-minute walk from the hotel. Bath towels can be rented for JPY 200.
- Half-price drink ticket for hotel 1st floor cafe.
- 10% discount coupon for meals at hotel adjoining seafood restaurant ‘Iso no Sho.’

- Just a 2-minute drive from Sakaidekita IC!
- Just a 7-minute taxi ride from JR Sakaide Station!
- Just a 1-minute walk to the nearest convenience store (7-Eleven)!
- The entire lodging is equipped with LAN cables! Wi-Fi is available in all guestrooms.

[Nearby Facilities Guide]
- Seto Ohashi Memorial Park: 8 minutes by car.
- Well-known udon noodle shop ‘Okasen’: 10 minutes by car.
- Kotohira Shrine: 40 minutes by car.
- Higashiyama Kaii Gallery: 8 minutes by car.
- Play Park Gold Tower: 15 minutes by car.
- Marugame Castle: 20 minutes by car.
- New Reoma World: 40 minutes by car.
How to get there?
From Sakaide Station (JR Yosan Line) North Exit: 25 min on foot or 5 min by taxi.
This hotel has an open-air bath surrounded by forest, chartered flower bath and chartered open-air bath. Guests can enjoy delicious Seto Inland kaiseki (traditional multi-course dinner) cuisine with sea bream, shabu-shabu and other delicacies. The free nighttime Great Seto Bridge tour bus is also popular.
How to get there?
From JR Seto-Ohashi Line Sakaide Station North Exit: 6 minutes by taxi
Sakaide Plaza Hotel
Sakaide Plaza Hotel
Near the Great Seto Bridge and the Sakaide-kita IC. Spacious guest rooms have free Wi-Fi access. Single rooms are from 3,980 JPY, and double, twin rooms are from 2,980 JPY. With free parking and a fine-view large bath on the 7th floor.
How to get there?
By car: Immediate access from the Sakaide-kita IC.
By car: (From Okayama) Cross the Great Seto Bridge and exit at Sakaide-kita IC. 50 m from the exit.
(From Shikoku) 12 minutes after exiting the Sakaide IC.
From JR Sakaide Station: 5 minutes by taxi.
Hotel Route-Inn Sakaidekita Inter
Hotel Route-Inn Sakaidekita Inter
Facing the Seto Inland Sea, Sakaide is famous as the town of the Great Seto Bridge on the Shikoku side. The hotel is suitable for both business and sightseeing. Enjoy Sanuki Udon Noodles and go on a Shikoku Pilgrimage!
How to get there?
From Sakaide Station (JR Yosan Line): About 10 minutes by taxi.
By car: Exit the Seto-Chuo Expressway at the Sakaidekita IC and continue for about 2 minutes.

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