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Kussharo Prince Hotel
Kussharo Prince Hotel
There are beautiful lakes dotted around, such as a caldera lake Lake Kussharo, and the mysterious Lake Mashu. Guests can enjoy various activities including canoe trips around the lake.
How to get there?
From Memanbetsu Airport: About 60 minutes by taxi.
By car: Take Route 243 towards Lake Kussharo.
Pension Polaris
Pension Polaris
This pension house is located amidst rich nature where countless stars can be seen in the night sky. Look forward to a view of Hokkaido from the window.
How to get there?
From Kushiro Airport: 90 min by car.
From Memanbetsu Airport: 70 min by car.
From Nakashibetsu Airport: 70 min by car.
Please use a rental car or JR train from any of the airports. Take Route 243.
From JR Mashu Station: about 10 min (8 km) by car. Please use a taxi (fare to be shouldered by guests, approx. JPY 2,500).
Kussharo Genya Youth Guest House
Kussharo Genya Youth Guest House
This hostel has gained fame and recognition for its traditional Japanese dishes, featuring local venison envisioned and served by the original owner. With its natural hot spring baths, the Kussharo Genya Youth Guest House lets its guests eat, rest, and relax!

100% natural hot springs are available.
Hot springs are open 24 hours a day, and may be used privately by families.

Free coffee and tea during the tea & bar hours.
Experience making fresh caramel, origami, and enjoy the night playing a game of darts with other guests!
How to get there?
Shuttle Service
Mashu Station⇔ Hotel
**Prior shuttle reservation required. Hotel shuttle staff will arrive at the station for your arrival time

By car: 60 minutes from Memanbetsu Airport by car, or 90 minutes from Kushiro Airport by car. While driving, take Route 243 past the southern tip of Lake Kussharo, then head towards Kushiro at the intersection with Route 52. After about 700 meters, turn right.