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Sun Road Kibiji
Sun Road Kibiji
This public lodging is famous for its natural hot springs. It is perfect for a tour of historic sites such as Kokubun-ji Temple and Iyama Hofuku-ji Temple. The lodging grounds are full of things to see such as the Sanchoku Plaza and red-crowned cranes! The parking lot has about 280 parking spaces and is free of charge.
How to get there?
From Okayama Airport: About 30 min by taxi.
By car: Exit the Sanyo Expressway from Kurashiki IC and take Route 429 for 10 min (8 km). Alternatively, exit the Okayama Expressway from Okayama-Soja IC and take Route 180 to Route 429 for 10 min.
From Soja Station (JR Hakubi Line, Momotaro Line): About 10 min by shuttle bus (reservation required).
*Pick-up: JR Soja Station Tourist Information Center at 16:10 (please make a reservation in advance).
Drop-off: Departs at 9:00 and 9:50 to JR Soja Station (please request at the front desk on day of accommodation).
Suntopia Okayama Soja
Suntopia Okayama Soja
This resort hotel, filled with dreams and romance, can be enjoyed throughout the year.
How to get there?
From Okayama Airport: about 60 min by taxi

From Soja Station (JR Kibi Line/Ibara Line): about 15 min by taxi, around JPY 1,500 (as of June 2011); Last train: around 22:54
From Okayama Station: take Kibi or Hakubi line for about 30 min to Soja Station, and it is about 15 min by taxi from there

By car: Exit the Sanyo Expressway at Kurashiki IC and take Route 429 (Landmark: Soja Ohashi)

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