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Kanozan View Hotel
Kanozan View Hotel
This hotel is just a 5-minute drive from Mother Farm, with good access to Kamogawa Sea World. The views from the hotel and Kujukuri Park are recommended! Plans with pets are also available!
How to get there?
From Kimitsu Station (JR Uchibo Line): About 30 min by taxi. Free shuttle available (reservation required).
By car: About 15 min from Tateyama Expressway Kimitsu Smart IC.
To Mother Farm: About 6 km. (Signs on the way)
Ryokan Kawana
Ryokan Kawana
This ryokan's 4 different private open-air baths are quite popular, and its soft water, artificial hot spring has a reputation as a Bihada-no-Yu (hot spring for beautifying skin). The ryokan has even received high acclaim from certain word-of-mouth websites!
How to get there?
From Haneda Airport (Terminal 1): From No. 12 bus stop, take the bus for JR Kimitsu Station/Kimitsu Ironworks going through the Tokyo Bay Aqua Line to the JR Kimitsu Station south exit (47 min)
*Please note that travel time will vary on weather/traffic conditions.
[As of 2014.04.01]
This is a joint service between Nitto Kotsu, Kominato Railway, and Keihin Kyuko Bus.

From Kimitsu Station (JR Uchibo Line): approx. 3km away (about 10 min by taxi)
From Aohori Station (JR Uchibo Line): approx. 1km away (about 15 min on foot)
*JR Kimitsu Station is the starting station for the limited express/rapid trains.

From JR Kisarazu Station, west exit: Take route bus for Futtsu Park to Godo bus stop (about 30 min)
From JR Kimitsu Station, north exit: Take route bus for Aeon Mall Futtsu to Godo bus stop (about 10 min)

[Access Guide]
*Shuttle service is only available to local groups/dinner party guests of more than 10 people.
Hotel Kazusa
Hotel Kazusa
(1 reviews)
Located very near JR Kimitsu Station, this comfortable hotel provides a convenient base for business and vacation. 60 minutes directly from Tokyo Station by expressway bus.
How to get there?
From Kimitsu Station (JR Uchibo Line): 3 minutes on foot. Leave the station via South Exit and go straight. Turn right at the first signal (Juzensha Ceremony Hall is on your right at the corner) and continue for about 100m. You will find the red sign of the hotel.
From Haneda Airport: 60 minutes by bus (JPY 1,300/as of January 2008).
By Car: Exit the Tateyama Expressway at the Kisarazu-minami IC and continue along Route 127. Head for JR Kimitsu Station. The hotel is located next to Viva Home.
Kameyama Onsen Hotel
Kameyama Onsen Hotel
Very good
(2 reviews)
The baths here are filled with 100% natural hot spring water, as is from the source. Enjoy this hot spring which is highly popular with customers!
The spring water wells up naturally from 2,000 meters underground, bringing a plentiful supply of spring water to the surface at a rate of 600 liters per minute.
The chocolate-colored water here is also known to beautify bathers' skin.
Kick back, relax and soothe the fatigue from your body in these natural hot spring baths.

Communal baths with a view of Lake Kameyama, the largest lake in southern Chiba Prefecture.
The hot spring baths here have so much to offer!
How to get there?
From Kazusa-Kameyama Station (last stop on the JR Kururi Line): about 15 min on foot.
By car: Exit the Tateyama Expressway at Anesaki Sodegaura IC and continue along the Chiba Kamogawa Route for about 25 km heading towards the Kamogawa area.