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Hakusan, Kaga
- Located in the suburbs of Kanazawa, this is a hot spring ryokan established in 1836 that features a Japanese garden to welcome its guests.
- Guests will be served a heartfelt kaiseki course meal prepared with an abundance of local ingredients - such as fish, vegetables, rice, and more from the nearby sea, mountains, and plains - with each and every dish carefully incorporating the seasons of Kanazawa.
- Cuisine will be a monthly changing kaiseki course meal that is prepared and served one dish at a time. Enjoy the flavor of freshly prepared cuisine.

- There are guestrooms in the Main Building (Zuiun and Momoyama-an types) and the premium New Building (Houou type). There are a variety of types that mainly feature Japanese-style rooms with tatami flooring.
- The New Wing has a total of 10 guestrooms, all of which include an open-air bath and indoor bath which draw water from the hot spring source. And upon arrival, guests staying in the New Wing can head through the tatami-floored hallway to the tea room standing out on the on-site lake and enjoy some matcha green tea while gazing out at the seasonal garden.
- The head chef for the New Building’s exclusive kitchen will exercise their culinary abilities, so guests can enjoy not only the difference in guestrooms, but also kaiseki course meals with a menu that is a rank above the rest.
- Zuiun guestrooms are Japanese-style rooms where guests can view the garden during the seasons, with cherry blossoms and azaleas in the spring, water lilies in the summer, colored leaves in the autumn, and a snowy scene in the winter. For Momoyama-an type rooms, there are also Japanese/Western-style rooms equipped with twin beds.

- The hot springs use the Tatsunokuchi hot spring source that has been dug up in part of the garden.
- From the panoramic open-air bath on the top floor, guests can look out at the Hakusan Mountain Range and the lodging’s garden. In addition to the indoor baths, there is also laying baths and a sauna (or mist sauna). The large communal baths which face the 1st floor garden feature not only an open-air bath, but also a waterfall bath and jacuzzi, as well as a popular bathtub that pumps in water from the source at its natural temperature (36.5℃).
- It is also equipped with private open-air baths. Staying guests can enjoy 50-minute sessions (free; reservations are first come, first served).

- For those with a car, this is a convenient location for visiting the Nomi Kutani Ceramics Museum and ceramic art experience facilities (10 minutes away), Kanazawa and Kenrokuen Garden (30 minutes away), and the World Heritage Site of Shirakawago (90 minutes away).
- There is also a free shuttle available from the nearby Matto Station (10 minutes from Kanazawa Station), Komatsu Station, and Komatsu Airport, so it is also convenient for sightseeing in Kanazawa. (For details, please refer to the access information.)
How to get there?
1. By Train or Plane
From Kanazawa Station: Take the JR train to Matto Station (10 min). About 20 min via shuttle bus from there.
Or about 20 min by shuttle bus from JR Komatsu Station or Komatsu Airport.
The shuttle bus operates regularly from Matto Station. From Komatsu Station and Komatsu Airport a request is required.
Both require reservations at least 1 day in advance (please directly contact the hotel).

[Shuttle Bus from JR Matto Station]
Arrival Times: 12:39, 13:41, 14:10, 15:11, 16:04, 16:41, 17:11, 18:10
Please notify the hotel of your scheduled arrival time from the times listed above.

Dep. for Matto Station: 8:45, 10:05, 10:55
Dep. for Komatsu Station: 9:30, 10:30, 11:00
For those going to Komatsu Airport, please ask for the timetable when checking in.

2. By Car
About 15 min from Komatsu IC on the Hokuriku Expressway.
About 30 min from Kanazawa.
Tagawa Ryusenkaku
Tagawa Ryusenkaku
Hakusan, Kaga
This inn prides itself in its baths, including "Tambo-no-Yu (Paddy Field Bath)," which offers bathers views of beautiful nature! There are a 6 baths for men and women to enjoy. A yukata (casual summer kimono) is provided for guests to wear to the baths.
How to get there?
From Komatsu Station (JR Hokuriku Line) West Exit: About 20 minutes by taxi.
By car: Exit the Hokuriku Expressway at Komatsu IC and continue along Route 22 for about 20 minutes (10 km).
Ryotei Manyo
Ryotei Manyo
Hakusan, Kaga
The hotel has a Japanese atmosphere that delivers tranquility and nature. Guests will enjoy the hotel's banquet-style dishes prepared with local, seasonal ingredients.
How to get there?
From Komatsu Station (JR Hokuriku Line), West Exit: 20 min by taxi.