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Hotel Route-Inn Tome
Opened April 2014! This hotel offers its guests free breakfast buffet, large communal baths to stretch out in, a free car park, free Wi-Fi, self-service café, and air purifier and humidifier in the room.
How to get there?
From Kurikoma Kogen Station (JR Tohoku Shinkansen) Front Exit: About 15 minutes by taxi.
By car: Exit the Sanriku Expressway at Tome IC and continue along Prefectural Route 36 for about 15 minutes (8 km).
Minami Sanriku Hotel Kanyo
This is a superbly natural style hotel with blue skies and sun. Combined with Shizugawa Bay, the atmosphere and delicious seafood cuisine are excellent.
How to get there?
From Rikuzen-Togura Station (JR Kesennuma Line): 2 min by pick-up bus.
By car: 5 min from Sanriku Expressway Shizugawa IC.
Hotel Bouenkaku
This hotel is nestled in Tome, which features townscape that has retained its modern Meiji appearance, as well as an expansive and tranquil rural landscape. Guests will be served meals prepared with rice, meat, and vegetables sourced from Tome, as well as seafood sourced from Sanriku.
How to get there?
Closest Airport: Sendai Airport
From JR Sendai Station: Take a bus to Toyoma Sogo Shisho bus stop, and it is about 11 min on foot from there.
From Nitta Station (JR Tohoku Main Line): About 25 min by taxi.
From Toyoma Sogo Shisho bus stop (Higashi Nippon Express Toyoma Line): About 11 min on foot, about 3 min by taxi.
By car: From Sanriku Expressway Tome IC take Prefectural Route 36 (about 3 min); about 30 min from Tohoku Expressway Tsukidate IC.

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