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Kasasa Ebisu
Kasasa Ebisu
Located in the south west end of Kyusyu, Kasasa is a seaside paradise. Guests can enjoy the seafood cuisines blessed by the sea and the Shochu (Japanese alcoholic beverage) recommended by the Shochu master. Enjoy the sea and get to know the sea through the various activities available at Kasasa.
How to get there?
From Kagoshima Chuo Station (JR Kyushu Shinkansen): Take a route bus bound for Kaseda to the Kaseda bus stop. Then take another route bus bound for Nomaike to the Kasasa Ebisu bus stop. It is 1 min on foot from there.
By car: Exit the Kyushu Expressway at Taniyama IC and continue along Route 20 for about 75 min (45 km).

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