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The guestrooms and the open-air bath at this hotel offer fantastic views of the Tateyama mountain range, the fishermen's lights, and the rising sun over the beautiful Toyama Bay. Guests can treat themselves to delectable dishes prepared using plenty of fresh seafood delivered directly from Himi Port. The hotel offers guided tours into the fish market and other activities.
How to get there?
From Himi Station (JR Hokuriku Line, Himi Line): About 15 minutes by taxi.
By car: Exit the Noetsu Expressway at Nadaura IC and continue for about 3 km.
Hotel Route-Inn Grantia Himi Wakuranoyado
This hotel offers comfortable and convenient accommodation suited for both business travel and sightseeing. Enjoy a relaxing stay at this functional hotel equipped with a range of convenient facilities.
How to get there?
From JR Himi Station: 10 minutes by taxi.
Eihokaku Onsen (BBH Hotel Group)
This hotel and ryokan is located on the east coast of the Noto Peninsula in the fishing town of Himi, which is said to have the best fatty winter yellowtail (amberjack) in Japan. Guests here will enjoy the freshest fish, crab, and other seafood and can relax while gazing out at the ocean from the natural hot spring baths. All guest rooms offer views of Toyama Bay.
How to get there?
Shuttle Service
Pick-up Service:
Reservation required (Free pick up)
Boarding location: Himi Station
Time: 14:00, 15:40, 16:45

Drop-off Service:
Reservation required (Free drop off)
Boarding location: Hotel
Time: 8:20, 9:00, 10:00 Taxi also available from outside the main exit (regular taxi fare applies).
Wafu Onsen Motoyu Kano
Admire the beautiful natural scenery of Toyama Bay and the Toyama mountain range. Slippers are taken off as there are tatami mats lining the floors. The guestrooms are built with cedar wood that grows in Himi. Feel free to soak in the naturally flowing hot springs, and enjoy Himi's fresh seafood, the best in Japan.
How to get there?
From Toyama Airport: about 60 min by taxi.
From Himi Station (JR Himi Line): about 7 min by taxi at around JPY 1,200.
From Himi Ao no Ura Onsen bus stop: 2 min on foot.
By car: Exit the Noetsu Expressway at Himi IC and continue along Route 160 for about 10 min. Landmark: Kaiho Elementary School.
Himi Guest House Misaki
This popular seaside hotel, situated on the shore of the Himi coastline, offers fresh fish cuisine and hot springs. Guests can enjoy a delicious selection of fresh seafood and relax in a rooftop open-air hot spring bath with views of Toyama Bay and the Tateyama Mountains.
How to get there?
From Toyama Airport: About 90 minutes by taxi.
From Himi Station (JR Himi Line): About 10 minutes by taxi.
By car: Exit the Noetsu Expressway at Himi-kita IC. Then take National Route 160 and head towards Prefectural Route 373 for about 5 minutes.
Convenient access to the Hokuriku area.
- From Kanazawa: About 60 minutes by car.
- From Gokayama: About 60 minutes by car.
- From Noto Nanao: About 45 minutes by car.

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