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Spa & Hotel Resort Furano La Terre
Spa & Hotel Resort Furano La Terre
Nakafurano, Furano
Located at the foot of the Tokachi volcanic mountain range, this resort hotel offers a range of natural hot springs and communal baths where guests can spend a relaxing time. Savor an exquisite selection of Japanese/Western-style cuisine prepared using fresh local ingredients. Enjoy a beautiful view of the fields and mountains, and even the magnificent stars in the sky on clear nights.
How to get there?
From Naka-Furano Station (Furano Line): 10 minutes by taxi.
From JR Nishinaka Station: About 5 minutes on foot. (Some trains do not stop at this station. Please make sure to check the train timetable in advance.)
By car: Take the Hokkaido Expressway and exit at the Mikasa IC and continue for about for approximately two and a half hours via Prefectural Route 116, National Route 452, Prefectural Route 135, National Routes 38 and 237.
From Asahikawa Airport: Take the Lavender-Go bus and get off at Naka-Furano. A free shuttle service is available from the bus stop (reservation required).
Pension Raclette
Pension Raclette
Nakafurano, Furano
Raclette is derived from a French word that means "to scrape off." At this pension house, guests can scrape off and rid themselves of pent-up stress and fatigue from travels, work and other stressors.
There is a lot of quintessential Hokkaido scenery all around Pension Raclette! Plenty of morning walking route are also available. Come enjoy a relaxing time in Nakafuranomachi Hokuseiyama.

*The night sky here is especially captivating. If the weather is fine, even shooting stars may be seen.
From Golden Week until end of October, guests may experience feeding 2 ponies and 1 donkey, or walking any of 3 large dogs (free of charge).
Take in the many superb views of the Hokkaido landscape around Pension Raclette. Taking a morning walk is recommended. Enjoy a relaxing time at Hokuseiyama, Nakafurano.
*Credit cards are not accepted.