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Resort Inn Yoshino-sou
Resort Inn Yoshino-sou
Narusawa, Fujikawaguchiko
Located in the center of the Fuji Five Lakes, this hotel offers observation baths with scenic views around Mt. Fuji. Yoshino-sou serves delicious Japanese country-style, home-cooked cuisine placing importance on using local mountain vegetables.
How to get there?
From Otsuki Station (JR Chuo Line): Take the Fujikyuko Line and get off at Kawaguchiko Station. Then take the Fuji Kyuko bus bound for Shin-Fuji and get off at Ippongi (about 20 minutes). About 2 minutes on foot from there.
By car: Exit the Chuo Expressway at Kawaguchiko IC and continue along Route 139 for about 10 minutes (4 km). Head straight at Higashikoiji intersection and continue for about 3 km.