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Daimaru Besso
Daimaru Besso
Chikushino, Chikushino
Established 150 years ago, this inn has long been known as the back room of Hakata. It is located about a 25-minute drive from the airport. The hot springs at Daimaru Besso have a long, rich history since 1360, and was even mentioned in an anthology of old Japanese poetry called Man'yoshuu.
How to get there?
From Fukuoka Airport: Take the expressway bus bound for JR Kurume Station and get off at Chikushino (about 20 min). About 5 min on foot from there.
By car: Exit the Kyushu Expressway at Chikushino IC and continue along Prefectural Route 31 for about 3 min (2 km).