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Hotel Ogawa
Hotel Ogawa
Asahi, Asahi
This hotel is found on the other side of a tunnel cutting through the nearby mountain. Including men's and women's baths, the hotel has six outdoor baths where guests can relax to the sound of a babbling brook and melt away into the natural waters.

Hotel Ogawa, Hot Springs Information
Effects: Effective on nerve pain, rheumatism, female disorders, chills, infertility, and hemorrhoids.
About the baths:
Large Communal Baths (separate for men and women)
These baths allow guests to have a relaxing soak while gazing at the clear Ogawa river and surrounding mountains.
Feel free to use these baths as many times during the day as you like, looking out over the flowing waters and forest and enjoying the fresh natural light.
Cypress Open-air Bath (separate for men and women)
A cypress-constructed open-air bath with a massive tub.
This bath has a jacuzzi function, and its refreshing cypress fragrance invites bathers into a world of deep relaxation.
Open-air Rock Bath (separate for men and women)
An open-air bath facing the river, enjoy the sound of the flowing water while bathing.
Open-air Natural Cave Bath (mixed gender bath)
From the hotel's doorstep, enjoy a 700 meter walk through nature to arrive at the open-air travertine cave bath which is even registered as a natural monument of this town.
Bathing gowns for female guests are available at the hotel front desk.
*The cave bath is closed in winter (December to early April)
Renge no yu (Lotus Flower Bath) (Women only)
Walk about 700 meters from the hotel to arrive at this bath which features views of the Ogawa river's 3-step waterfall as well as the Northern Alps. This bath is liberating and offers a view far off into the distance.
*Closed in winter (December to early April)
How to get there?
From Tokyo Station: 2 hr 50 min at the fastest (via Hokuriku Shinkansen and hotel shuttle bus).
From Kanazawa Station: 1 hr 10 min at the fastest (via Hokuriku Shinkansen and hotel shuttle bus).
From Toyama Station: 50 min at the fastest (via Hokuriku Shinkansen and hotel shuttle bus).
Nearest Stations:
- Kurobe-Unazukionsen Station (Hokuriku Shinkansen)
- Tomari Station (Ainokaze Toyama Railway Line)
*After getting off at the station, please take the hotel free shuttle bus or a taxi.
*Details on the shuttle bus are shown below.
*If taking a taxi, one-way trip takes about 30 min at around JPY 4,000 from both stations.

[By car]
- 17 km (25 min) from Hokuriku Expressway Kurobe IC.
- From Kanazawa City: 120 km (1 hr 50 min) via Hokuriku Expressway.
- From Toyama City: 60 km (1 hr) via Hokuriku Expressway.
*Roads may be used during winter as they are cleared of snow.
- Nearest Expressway Exit: Kurobe IC on the Hokuriku Expressway.

[Shuttle Bus]
*A free shuttle bus will be operating from Dec. 1, 2016.
- Kurobe-Unazukionsen Station to Hotel Ogawa
14:00 / 15:00 / 16:00
- Hotel Ogawa to Kurobe-Unazukionsen Station
9:00 / 10:30
- Tomari Station to Hotel Ogawa
Operates between 14:00 - 16:00 as requested.
- Hotel Ogawa to Tomari Station
*The service will operate on reserved times only.
*If using the shuttle bus service, please make a reservation in advance.