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Hotel Business Inn Asago
Conveniently located near the Takeda Castle site and a shopping center, this reasonably priced hotel offers a range of functional facilities including a coin laundry and parking for large vehicles, making it a great choice for business travel and leisure alike.
How to get there?
By car: Exit the Bantan Renraku Road at Wadayama IC and continue north along Route 312 for about 3 minutes (1 km).
Takeda Castle Town Hotel EN
Takeda Castle is well known even in advertisements as the "castle in the sky." At the foot of the castle ruins lies this historic structure renovated from a registered tangible cultural property. Guests will certainly enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience as they stay in an extraordinary accommodation.
How to get there?
From Takeda Station (JR Bantan Line): About 3 min on foot.
By car: Exit the Kitakinki Toyo-oka Expressway at Wadayama IC and continue along Route 312 towards Himeji. Turn right at Takeda intersection and continue straight for about 5 min.
For parking, guests will be guided to a nearby parking lot (Takeda Machinaka Kanko Chushajo).
For guests requiring parking space, make sure to write that in the comments field when making a reservation.
Hotel Sunroute Wadayama
Located in the Tajima area, Hyogo Prefecture, this hotel offers a great base for both business and sightseeing. Relax in the clean and functional guest rooms, and enjoy the panoramic view while dining in the restaurant on the 7th floor.
How to get there?
From Wadayama Station (JR Sanin Main Line): 20 minutes on foot or 5 minutes by taxi.
By Car: Exit the Kitakinki Toyooka Expressway at Wadayama IC and continue along National Route 312 for about 4 km (approx. 4 min), and then Prefectural Route for about 1 km (approx. 1 min).

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