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Tour the sights of Nara, Japan’s ancient capital, on an Experience bus! The Full Nara Experience Experience Bus


Highlights of Nara Tour Bus Three Different Attractive Tours
We have three fascinating tours on which you can experience the unspoiled landscape of ancient Nara. The timing of the tours and the locations have been carefully selected to show off Nara at its seasonal best and offer unique opportunities to experience traditional culture and crafts and taste farm fresh produce. Ready for the full Nara experience?

  1. CourseA Jiko-in Temple and Seasonal Flowers Tour
  2. CourseB Taima-dera Temple and Sumo Experience Tour
  3. CourseC Most Ancient Japan in Miwa and Asuka Tour

Course01Jiko-in Temple and Seasonal Flowers Tour

Enjoy a tea ceremony and experience Nara’s seasonal flower.

Experience a tea ceremony at Jiko-in Temple and enjoy the serenity of the garden in front of you. After tea, follow your guide to one of Nara's sites of seasonal beauty.

13:00Depart NARA Visitor Center & Inn

13:40〜14:30Jiko-in Temple

15:00〜16:15Seasonal spots
* Will change seasonally. Details are written below.

17:30Arrive at NARA Visitor Center & Inn

[July~End of September] Stroll around Koriyama castletown and take in the flowers [October] Cosmos at Hokki-ji Temple [November~Middle of December] Autumn foliage at Chogosonshi-ji Temple or Shoryaku-ji Temple [Middle of January~Middle of February] Narcissus appreciation at Hannya-ji Temple [End of February ~End of March] Plum blossoms at Tsukigase Plum Grove *From the end of February to the end of March, the destination will be changed from Jiko-in Temple to Hotoku-ji Temple.

Course02Taima-dera temple and Sumo Experience Tour

Experience Japanese Buddhist tradition and step into the SUMO ring!!

Try Shabutsu tracing in the peaceful environment of Taima-dera Temple famous for the legend of Princess Chujo. At the Sumo Museum, rent a “mawashi” belt, enter the sumo ring, and try sumo wrestling for yourself.

13:00Depart NARA Visitor Center & Inn

13:45〜15:15Shabutsu Experience at Taima-dera Temple

15:30〜16:10Sumo Experience at Sumo Hall

17:30Arrive at NARA Visitor Center & Inn

Course03Most Ancient Japan in Miwa and Asuka Tour

Enjoy Nara history and food.

Experience the locations of Japan’s founding in the countryside of Nara and Enjoy fruit picking in Asuka.

9:15Depart from the Nara Visitor Center & Inn.

10:15〜11:45Fruit picking and stroll* Fruit will change seasonally. Details are written below.

12:00〜12:45Seasonal fresh vegetable lunch in Asuka

13:10〜14:00Omiwa Jinja Shrine

14:10〜15:00Sake brewery tour and sake tasting at Imanishi Sake Brewery

16:00Arrive back at the Nara Visitor Center & Inn.

[July~August] Blueberry picking and walking tour [September~November] Grape picking and cluster amaryllis on Kakashi (Scarecrow) road [January~March] Strawberry picking and walking tour

1) The tours will be conducted from May 10th (Tue) 2016 to March 31st (Fri) 2017. *Except for Fridays in December and January 13th in 2017 for Course C.
2) There are no tour conductors but one goodwill guide (English) will accompany you during the tour.

Contact details for tour inquiries

NARA Visitor Center & Inn
“Experience the Charm of Nara: Hands-on Bus Tour” reception desk (English and Chinese support)

TEL: 0742-81-7461

Office hours:
8 a.m. – 9 p.m. (Open everyday)

FAX: 0742-81-7462 MAIL: sarusawainn@quartz.ocn.ne.jp

Address: 3 Ikeno-cho, Nara, 630-8361 http://www.sarusawa.nara.jp

Tour reservations made directly with Nara Visitor Center and Inn should be made by 5.p.m the previous day.
Tour reservations via JAPANiCAN.com can be made conveniently online, up until 4 days before.

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