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FLOWER HEAVEN (Moss Phlox & White Azalea) in Eastern Hokkaido

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Kawayu Onsen

Higashimokoto Shibazakura Park package
(park entrance ticket included)

The slopes of Higashimokoto Shibazakura park, which spread out over a vast area of around 90,000 square meters, are painted a vivid and fresh pink when the cherry blossom flowers bloom each spring. Why not tie in a visit to the nearby Kawayu Onsen, a well-known and popular natural hot spring, whilst taking this opportunity to experience everything this park has to offer.

Kawayu Onsen Tsutsuji Festival

The best times to witness the white tsutsuji (a type of azalea), one of the varieties of alpine flowers which can be found around the base of Iozan mountain, is from the middle of June, when they first bloom, through to the end of that month, or in the fall. There is also a walking trail leading from Kawayu Onsen to Iozan mountain, which has some stunning views and is a great spot for nature photography.

Akanko Onsen

Lake Akan

This lake is famous for ‘marimo’, a ball-shaped species of green algae which can even be purchased to take home as a special natural souvenir! It is possible to spot 4 different species of birds of various sizes on the lake, and there is also a natural hot spring on the south bank. From the middle of April, a sightseeing boat will be available for tours of the lake, which last around 85 minutes.


Kushiro City Japanese Crane Reserve

At the Japanese Crane Reserve near Kushiro Airport, the only one of its kind in the world, you can now watch the cranes all the year round, thanks to the efforts of Ryoji Takahashi, emeritus director of the reserve, and to the devoted care of the local inhabitants. Each year, around 20 Japanese red-crowned crane chicks are reared in an environment close to their natural habitat, and around May or June you can watch the adorable chicks begin to toddle.

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